I READ:  Matthew 7 : 24-27

Jesus taught his disciples that people who listen to the Word and do it will be able to stand firm when storms come raging their lives.  Even better, they will come out victorious.  We may experience difficult struggles in life at any point.  Are we going to be able to stand them?  Only those seriously live in His Words will be able to go through troubles with steadfastly.  The rest who don’t will find their faith fail through.  They don’t believe because they never meditate on the Word.  They think miracles are impossible to happen in their lives.  Storms, natural disasters, sickness, wars, and loss may come at anytime we don’t expect but people who live in His word will be able to go through them with victory.

I DECLARE: Psalm 119 : 105 – Your word is a lamp to my feet. And a light to my path.

I DO: What actions am I going to take after meditating on the Word of God?

I PRAY: Pray for America and other nations