I READ: Colossians 3 : 5-17

Kind David, in his time, became a man after God’s own heart because he prioritized his sweet and intimate communion with the Lord.  And because he was intimate with the Lord, David knew and understand what was inside God’s heart.   Likewise, with any believer, because our lives are not ours anymore but Christ is in us, we have to think about things above.  “Things above” can be defined as “things that are in God’s heart” or “things that are pleasing to the Lord”, which are truth, justice, love, peace, joy and the true life from God. These are the things we should constantly think about and should fill our hearts.  Think about things that Christ is thinking about.  Often, the circumstances or situation around one’s life brings a tremendous impact in the way he/she thinks.  We have to act carefully and with caution, because our mind is like a battlefield, do not give place to the devil to enter our minds.  If we allow the devil to control our minds, he will accuse, indict, and intimidate us, causing us to have bad and negative thoughts about our lives.  That is why today, the Word of God is reminding us to think more about things that are above (heavenly) than things that are in this earth so that we can produce things are good, righteous, and holy in our lives.  If we do this, the Holy Spirit will also work to enable us to be a man after God’s own heart in the end times.

I DECLARE: 1 Corinthians 2 : 16b: “….but we have the mind of Christ.”

I DO: I am going to allow His word to shape and fill my mind every single moment.

I PRAY : I will pray for the souls whose minds are held captive by the devil.  I’m going to ask God to acquit them and free them so that they can receive victory.