I READ: Deuteronomy 28:1-14

God’s main commandment is for us to live righteously before him so that the blessings that he has given us doesn’t get stolen by gluttonous locusts.  Living in sin can open the space for gluttonous locusts to steal blessings from the lives of God’s children.  Therefore we must make sure that there are no real or hidden sins in our lives.  If we sin, ask forgiveness and repent and do not sin again, then every open space will be closed by the blood of Jesus.  Do not blame God if there is an open space, it wasn’t opened by God but by us.  And when the devil sees an open gap, he will enter into our lives.  Let us obey God’s commands so there will be a covering of God’s protection for blessings and life for us.

I DECLARE: Jeremiah 17: 7 – Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord.

I DO : What action am I going to take after meditating on the Word of God?

I PRAY : Pray as guided by the Holy Spirit.