I READ: Romans 12: 11 – 16

One of the reasons why God’s children often could not live in God’s calling and will is because they are not able to keep their spirit burning. How is it that one’s spirit can fade? The answer is in Romans 12:11. It says that if you are not diligent in serving the Lord, it can cause your spirit to fade. Whatever God has trusted or is trusting you with these days, especially your ministry, take it seriously. Do not let pressures in your life cause your ministry to fade. Do not let go whatever God has trusted in your life. Do not leave or lessen your ministry that God has trusted because eventually, you will let go of all of your ministries. Your spirit which was burning will fade and will cause you do not have the desire to fulfill God’s calling and will in your life. Eventually, you will think that your ministry is something that is not too important in comparison to your daily need. Pay attention to God’s message today, which is “let your spirit burn and serve the Lord.”

I DECLARE: Luke 12: 35: Let your waist be girded and your lamps burning.

I DO: I will renew my commitment to serving the Lord and ask the Holy Spirit to give me the strength to walk in the Lord’s calling.

I PRAY: I will pray for the leaders in my church, family or work that God has put in my life so that they will be blessed.