Here am I!

I READ: Matthew 28: 18-20

The Lord is seeking people who want to be sent out to work in His field. There’s plenty of work yet the workers are few. These are some of the characters in the Bible whom God sent out to do His Work – 1) Moses brought the Israelites out from slavery in Egypt. 2) Jonah was sent by God to Nineveh. The Lord is also giving the same opportunity to you by asking “Whom Shall I send?” Now, the question is are you going to have the same response as Isaiah? Isaiah responded by saying “Here am I! Send me.” If God is sending you, do not worry and have doubts. The Lord sees our heart and desire to be used as His tools for His kingdom. He will be with you until the end of times. Often times, you will have doubt when that time comes for you to go. Your eyes will be focused more on what you will be lacking and your weaknesses. Because of this, you will never be brave enough to respond to God’s calling. You have to activate the power of the Holy Spirit that is inside of you and do not delay any longer because God has sent and chose you!

I DECLARE: Zechariah 4: 6b:…‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the Lord of hosts.”

I DO: I will use the power of the Holy Spirit when God sends me to work on His field. The purpose is so that His name is glorified.

I PRAY: I will pray for this generation so that they will be willing to reach out and be a testimony to the unbelievers.